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What Bitcoin Was Like Back In 2011

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Discovering Cryptography

bitcoin july 10 bull market

Mt Gox in July 2013

I discovered Bitcoin back in 2011. It was selling for $7. Yes the going price was $7.00 and I have long since entered the “acceptance” stage of this grief of the pure fact that I should of bought more of this cryptocurrency. Like many people, the knowledge of Bitcoin came from learning about the Silkroad. Actually, I retract that statement. An internet peer introduced it to me and it wasnt until learning about the silkroad that I actually really looked into it. Most likely it was  boasted as an “anonymous currency” & around that time anonymous was being fairly active. So you can picture, I am “wikipedia’ing” what anonymous is, and what is it to be anonymous on the Internet while using the bathroom all to come across Tor & the Bitcoin protocol.

Bitcoin Exchanges & Ease of Purchase

Anyways, back then it was much more work intensive to buy BTC then what it is today. There was just the japenese exchange Mt. Gox and the Russian exchange BTC-E. It was difficult to put your fiat into the exchange (still is to a certain extent). Fast forward to 2013 and now days, you can buy Bitcoin in a streamline manner with a credit card. Cheaper if you choose an U.S exchange like CampBx & just use ACH. Here Ill share my referral link here where you can purchase #BTC almost instantly. – http://bit.ly/coinBse

Early Adopter Bitcoin Faucets Produce Long Term Yield

That title is laced with  bit of ironic sarcasm. Even at a small market entry at $30, I don’t really consider myself an early adopter. As far as BTC Faucets are concerned, if there is was anything that ended up paying off in the long term, at least my mindless robotic BTC Faucet tasks ended up paying off. Captcha after captcha, F5 refresh…”come back after 10minutes” messages on screen. Back then, I remember claiming hourly Bitcoin Faucets at 0.01, 0.005 & 0.001. Faucets were actually the first coinage that I acquired and is still a great way to acquire your first BTC. Back then people would say it would payoff, that BTC would hit $1000 one day. Well it did hit $1000 and eventually faucet payouts dropped to 0.00001.

That title is laced with  bit of ironic sarcasm. I ask that if you are reading this & fairly new to the community. Its going to be enticing for some to spend your day off hitting these time consuming micro dispensaries. Resist the temptation to do this. Spend some time “learning” market & deciding on an entry point. If you are that hard up for monies, get a minimum wage job & by BTC this way. I can assure you that its much more profitable. Although, Im tempted to add a disclaimer because the speculations of BTC hitting >$10,000 sound the same to my ears as they did when speculations were made about it hitting $1000 USD

Early Litecoin Adoption

I found Litecoin when it was trading at 0.002-0.007BTC. Don’t even get my started on that one. I should of bought more….

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