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Jenkins Run Drain Tunnel

In Urban Exploration - Drains/Sewers by Ronnie K

| Jenkins Run Storm Sewer Tunnel | Jenkins Run Stream | Guilford Avenue / Jones Falls Conduit Construction Tunnel| Jenkins Run Stream is an ancient, forgotten underground urban stream, covered over and buried in culvert. Its construction spanned over a period of 30 years related to lack of funds. Its construction had numerous pitfalls and delays related to the torrential …

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Princess Drain

In Adventure, Urban Exploration - Drains/Sewers by Ronnie K0 Comments

The Princess Drain featuring a brick laden flume chamber. So low key and easy to access, with curbside parking and a 3 meter hike. Even a princess wearing high heels, while taking a selfie could access. Hence the name Princess Drain. It even has slots built into the walls, to place your lamps for exposure shots.It is a sizable storm …

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Elbs Aperture

In Adventure, Urban Exploration - Drains/Sewers by Ronnie K

Early June, 2016 This find is truly an example of spontaneous Underground Urban Exploration at its finest. No more then 48 hours after everyone left out for the summer, I had a serious urge to get out exploring and grab some footage via my GoPro Hero+ and Canon T3i while doing it. I had woken up late in the day, …