Tornado in Naples, Florida Youtube Video Rebirthed After 3 Years

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tornado florida“Tornado/Waterspout in Naples, Florida” was the title of the Youtube video I posted 3 years ago. The video sat dead and virtually unseen for 3 years, ranking itself as one of the lowest performing videos in my video gallery. Well fast forward to today, in the week of January 20, 2016 when a current event unraveled itself and the view performance of the video skyrocketed to hyperspace (for my standards). According to USA today, What happened was an EF2 tornado ripped through through the town of Duette, FL clocking wind speeds up to 127mph and a 300 mile wide storm path. Duette, Florida is located 40 miles southeast of Tampa in Manatee County, Florida. Sadly enough, this strong twister ended up killing two people and injuring five others. Four of them were children under 10 .

The interesting thing and point I am trying to make about this video is my mom recorded it on a legacy LG phone & she sent it to me via a text message. It was right around the time I learned of the potential long term profitability of running adsense on Youtube videos. I was hungry to publish content on my channel. So i grabbed held of the video, threw it into Windows Movie maker no less, looped it 3x and added wind sound effects & air raid siren trying to mimic a storm watch / tornado alert siren. I more or less was entertained with the video by itself and there it sat. The video sat there, all lonesome, for 3 years. It accumulated a grand whopping total of 53 views & earned 4 cents USD from Google Adsense. I think at one point it receive more dislike votes then positive votes.

The video went from 53 views to a startling 1700 views in a period of 9 hours! That is about 1800 views in 9 hours! That really excited me to no end. Here a low quality, non performing video sat dormant for so long to suddenly showing up on Google search results pages. My analytics, showed me the video was found from external sources which leads me to believe it was Google search.

Like I said, it really excited me. Excited me to the point to even write this blog article to talk about it. It really just shows how Youtube videos and Google Adsense in general can serve as a long term steady stream on income. By income, I do not necessarily mean a viable sense of income because to be frank about it. I only make a few dollars a month on my videos (I am not sure if I am even aloud to mention that according to Google Adsense Publishers terms and conditions?)and blogs combined but still the potential for more is there.

Ill probably add more to this body later but wanted to get this out there! So if you run a Youtube Channel or Blog. Set that bad-boy up with Google Adsense and reap the benefits of it for years to come! Pennies adds up to dollars and dollars add up to your ACH deposit into your bank account.

Here is the direct link to the video itself. Consider subscribing as I bring a wide variety of videos, most of them spun up with a creative entertaining touch.

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