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Temporary Dispoable Email Service

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Internet Privacy

While this is probably nothing new under the sun. I personally have never come across something of its kind & found it intriguing to say the least. In the digital age, “Privacy” is a common word that we here more and more about. Me personally,  am not very OCD about internet privacy. Its not that I have become complacent on the matter but have simply progressed through the Kübler-Ross model of the 5 stages of grief (Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance). Well this is a bit of overkill for the effect of mild comedy. Even before Edward Snowden came out and basically publicized the fact that higher state powers were collecting our data, tagging it, archiving while running it through powerful computers complete with complicated algorithms, I was very aware. I have nothing to hide nor do I plan on it any time soon. I will mention that I have become less active on Facebook. Probaly mainly due to current life events and the time crunch that it brings. My logging into Facebook 95% of the time is for business puproses only. Staying on track and focusing on the point of this blog post I will elaborate on this interesting “Tempoary Disposable Email provider”.

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The about section is labled as “WTF” and elaborates on the service stating: There’s no signup or passwords. Any random address such as [email protected] can be used. It states that a user has the opportunity to edit this address (just like you would with . A user has the ability to choose an alternative domains. All addresses last forever, and anyone can access this address. The “WTF” section elaborates that Email messages are held for one hour before they are purged from their servers, regardless if you check your inbox. This anonymous email service implements basic SSL encryption. I was excited to see that they even offer API access!

While researching the topic, I also came across another similiar email service provider that is even more temporary and/or disposable found here:

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