Looking down into Stoney Run Interceptor

Stoney Run Interceptor Tunnel | The whirlpool of Stoney Run

In Urban Exploration - Drains/Sewers by Ronnie K

urban explore whirlpool of stony run

An ancient Baltimore stream that dumps out into the Jones Falls River , is first passed through a tunnel that is buried as deep as 80 feet in some places. This modern engineering marvel has a unique intake system, most likely designed to be low maintenance & resistant to clogging with debris. The earth swallows and covers this stream not by your typical open face conduit but first the water is led through a number of concrete wall sections , that maze down to a drainage tube, before opening to a 92 inch pipe. The intake sits buried under multiple flood seasons of massive tree trunks and any sort of debris you can imagine. 5-7 meters deep. Peering down at the intake is done at height. Dry Debris from flood stages sits as high as 10-15 meters above the intake. Painting a clear picture of this area. In that this area fills up like a pool, trees, mattresses and debris bobbing about making circles around the vortex of the intake. During periods of heavy rains and flooding this is the last place any soul would want to be, as there is no doubt turns into a whirlpool / hydraulic vortex.

This area is accessed through troves of poison ivy patches, and animal trails that traverse at 30 percent grade. The original idea was to visualize “a mouth” or open conduit system. Further exploration of this area proved otherwise.

Later explorations to the final outfall are remarkable, however uninteresting. It showed the results of large sums of monies that must of been invested into this project. It appears that the stream is momentarily cached or slowed down before being run free into the Jones Falls River. This assumption is made by judging the large concrete structure that the outfall tunnel sits in the center. Above this structure, on the roadway and sidewalk is multiple access hatches and the sound of water that is made inside of a tank.

stoney run drain outfall