49cc motorized bicycle

Project Motorized Bicycle: The Birth of The Idea

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I did not fully grasp how much of a “Project” this Motorized Bicycle would be. It still is a project till this day! But it still runs like a champ (Knock on steel) The photo depicted here is the frame that would host the power plant of a 49cc china built, canandian distributed 2 stroke. The hybrid moutain bike that you see here actually consist of 3 bikes put into one. The deck that the bike rest is actually a balcony. The size of this deck was approximately, 8 foot by 4 foot. This deck would serve as the working area during the entire project. The initial building of the Motored Bicycle that is….

Sources of these frames:

One existing frame was owned, the second was gifted & the third was sourced from a local apartment complex’s dumpster.

The First Frame

Came off of a “Walmart special”. A Mongoose full suspension mountain bike, which I toyed around with for years. The brakes, handbars & something else that I can’t remember at the moment were harvested.  I can’t tell you how long I racked my brain in search of a set up that would suit the full suspension set up.  We all know that anything is possible with the right tools & equipment but don’t forget that the deck you see in the background of the picture was my only work area.

The Second Frame

A unexpected gift & was the brand Scott with the style of an easy rider/road bike. I ended up choosing this for the main frame as it was the largest of all frames.  The tires were later harvest from this, while the wheels scrapped.

The Third Frame

Pleasantly arrived 1 week prior to the shipment of the Motored Bicycle Engine kit, was a huge resource of miscellaneous parts. Harvested parts such as the front fork, wheels and pedals (as they were shorter, allowing a more through clearance) & a whole lot more.

49cc motorized bicycle

The 49cc 2-stroke Motorized Bicycle Upon Assembly


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