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Photography Consents Are Real

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What made this experience/scenario unique was the truth behind the photo and the velocity of a key number of consecutive events. The same day I received my passing results from NCLEX-RN , received my license and found that my mugshot, cloaked in a cap and gown, was on the front page of my college’s website titled “I Succeeded at Harford”. The title was true. Yes, yes I did succeed. However, that fact that I am now viewing myself on the front of that website, (after experiencing a number of successive milestones) was just too funny and so ironic. I couldn’t stop laughing.

In today’s day and age, when you sign up for some sort of program or activity there usually is a number of documents you have to sign and consent for. Whether its an agreement or waiver, often times or none the shortest of all documents is a “photography consent” form. It will basically states that the organization may capture your photograph and use it for whatever purpose they desire. You wave rights to this photograph and it can be used for publishing, marketing or whatever purpose it may be. Speaking for myself, I’ve never had a problem with that. If they want to use my mug for their campaign, then by all means go for it. The thing about it, is you really never think twice about it. It may be that you never end up seeing it or you simply don’t expect it.

Reactions may vary, but when a colleague SMS’ed one evening with a screen shot of Harford Community College homepage, with my mug front and center I was surprised and couldn’t make sense if I was being trolled or not. Photography consents are real and so is Adobe Photoshop. So I pointed my browser to to verify this myself and sure enough there I was. Honestly, I could not stop laughing. The screen shot circulated among my inner circles.

What made this experience so unique was the truth behind the photo and the velocity of a key number of events that happened all consecutively in a matter of 3 days. Never mind that I graduated from college and obtained my degree earlier that month. On Monday I sat for NCLEX-RN. On Tuesday, I accepted a job position in the new role. On Wednesday morning, I learned I passed NCLEX-RN, (a very gratifying and fulfilling feeling to say the least). Wednesday evening my license is posted which was important because it made it official. Wednesday night I learned that I was on the front page of Harford Community College’s website with the title “I succeeded at Harford”. Like I said my reaction was simply laughter.

Reactions from colleagues ranged from sarcasm -“Your famous” , to intrigument “Did you build this website?”. No I am not famous and no I did not build this website (I can develop one for your if you need). However, the on average 40,000 visitors/page impressions a month will have to put up with my graduation mugshot for the time being. Photography consents are real folks.

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  1. When i 1st used Instagram i did not include my face bc their terms state u agree that they can use ur picture however they want. I’d tell ppl I don’t wanna see my face in some add for herpacin lip balm or some shit like that.

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