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Fundraiser Sent Back To The Drawing Board

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In the industry of Online Marketing, specifically Social Media Marketing & Content Marketing. These “buzz words” are constantly thrown around; Analyze, Measure, Repeat.  Well the longer I have been involved in Online Marketing on a professional basis, the more I learn that these words are words you end up living by. A recent circumstance, involving  my ” Personal Brand” & …

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Project Motorized Bicycle: The Birth of The Idea

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I did not fully grasp how much of a “Project” this Motorized Bicycle would be. It still is a project till this day! But it still runs like a champ (Knock on steel) The photo depicted here is the frame that would host the power plant of a 49cc china built, canandian distributed 2 stroke. The hybrid moutain bike that you see …

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Nursing Health Promotion : Overweight and Obese Patients

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An Elementary Nursing Paper written November 6, 2009  by student nurse, +Ronnie Kirchner Nursing Health Promotion : Overweight and Obese Patients The human body is a system of processes that requires “fuel” as an energy source. The fuel or nutrients that our bodies require to intake and metabolize for energy can be measured as calories. An imbalance in the caloric intake …

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Home Brew Custom LED Enclosure

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LED’s are a great way to learn about circuits and how to build a circuit. They are a load of fun to tinker around with and have unlimited application potentials. In other words, nothing wrong with a little bit a light to see things better and with LED’s. Well, they are small light weight and consume minimum power. Home-brew a custom LED …