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Photography Consents Are Real

In Life by Ronnie K1 Comment

What made this experience/scenario unique was the truth behind the photo and the velocity of a key number of consecutive events. The same day I received my passing results from NCLEX-RN , received my license and found that my mugshot, cloaked in a cap and gown, was on the front page of my college’s website titled “I Succeeded at Harford”. …

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Jenkins Run Drain Tunnel

In Urban Exploration - Drains/Sewers by Ronnie K

| Jenkins Run Storm Sewer Tunnel | Jenkins Run Stream | Guilford Avenue / Jones Falls Conduit Construction Tunnel| Jenkins Run Stream is an ancient, forgotten underground urban stream, covered over and buried in culvert. Its construction spanned over a period of 30 years related to lack of funds. Its construction had numerous pitfalls and delays related to the torrential …

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Princess Drain

In Adventure, Urban Exploration - Drains/Sewers by Ronnie K0 Comments

The Princess Drain featuring a brick laden flume chamber. So low key and easy to access, with curbside parking and a 3 meter hike. Even a princess wearing high heels, while taking a selfie could access. Hence the name Princess Drain. It even has slots built into the walls, to place your lamps for exposure shots.It is a sizable storm …

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Found the Light, at the End of the Tunnel

In Adventure, Life by Ronnie K

There is a certain psychology or piece of the human experience that correlates with the idea of pushing forward to “the Light at the end of the tunnel“. Let me explain, this is the proverbial idiomatic light, where in your working towards a goal, and the goal is near. Or the actual rays of sunlight, seen during the evacuation stage …