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This photo (originally posted via instagram) was taken behind the scenes, at one of my work-flow environments.  Displaying the network switch and post-switch bundle of a medium size intranet (50+ host on-site, 500-1000 hosts in total on intranet) . The eyes of a non-geeks may view this merely as an entanglement of wires. The eyes of a Geek/Technology enthusiast could view this as a working piece of art. While an Networking IT may view this simply a bundle of work. Next to this Network switch and bundle of LAN cables, sat a simple analog telephony switch. A piece of hardware that looked completely obsolete and resembled something from the dark ages. Non the less the Internet has grown at a tremendous velocity and its mind blowing to imagine a few decades from know this networking setup will be clunky and obsolete piece of hardware. Surely a setup that our children will be snickering at. Oh Internet…

oh internet

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