oh internet

Oh Internet

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This photo (originally posted via instagram) was taken behind the scenes, at one of my work-flow environments.  Displaying the network switch and post-switch bundle of a medium size intranet (50+ host on-site, 500-1000 hosts in total on intranet) . The eyes of a non-geeks may view this merely as an entanglement of wires. The eyes of a Geek/Technology enthusiast could view this as a working piece of art. While an Networking IT may view this simply a bundle of work. Next to this Network switch and bundle of LAN cables, sat a simple analog telephony switch. A piece of hardware that looked completely obsolete and resembled something from the dark ages. Non the less the Internet has grown at a tremendous velocity and its mind blowing to imagine a few decades from know this networking setup will be clunky and obsolete piece of hardware. Surely a setup that our children will be snickering at. Oh Internet…

oh internet


  1. To my “non-tech-geek” eyes, this makes me dizzy with confusion!

  2. Author

    This is the beauty of family, we all have our God given gifts. Combine them all into one and what do you get? One powerful team!

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