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Culture & Diversity: Transcultural Communication Nursing Short Film

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I put this video together for a project I had at school. We shot the video a day before I was required to trim my beard down. So I came up with the idea to pose as a foreign born Surgeon that had poor hand hygiene, a strong pseudo Arabic accent & hurried his non   

Emotional Intelligence Excerpt From Discussion Post

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Emotional Intelligence excerpt from a response I gave to a Contemporary Issues in Nursing discussion post. The original discussion post touched on Lateral violence in nursing and the workplace. Emotional intelligence is commonly discussed these days within organizations. Especially in those organization’s human resource departments. Emotional intelligence branches far beyond the work environment and even   

Is Caring Learned?

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Caring is a learned behavior that requires development. I too argue even the lowest level of this behavior is the foundations of human condition. Care includes taking care of objective things, taking care of things at hand, and taking care of being itself (Ranheim, 2012). There could be internal and external motivators to cultivate this   

Evidenced Based Practice : Restraints & Seclusion Use: Nursing Journal #1

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Literature suggest that Registered Nurses (RN’s) play a vital role in continuously improving the quality and safety of healthcare systems. Evidence of this nursing role, invoked the assembling of organizations and projects such as; Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) project. The QSEN project collaboratively defines parameters for quality and safety competencies. In one   

Nursing Health Promotion : Overweight and Obese Patients

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An Elementary Nursing Paper written November 6, 2009  by student nurse, +Ronnie Kirchner Nursing Health Promotion : Overweight and Obese Patients The human body is a system of processes that requires “fuel” as an energy source. The fuel or nutrients that our bodies require to intake and metabolize for energy can be measured as calories. An