north avenue at drop well

North Avenue and Druid Hill Avenue Storm Sewer

In Urban Exploration - Drains/Sewers by Ronnie K

West side Storm Sewer Interceptor
Large interceptor storm sewer drain system built to drain out an area that was known to have many small streams and springs. A 2 fold problem existed, the old Druid Hill Avenue storm sewer was of insufficient capacity and the old McMechen Street Drain was already at over capacity. 2.1 meter (7 ft) oval , Brick Arched Culvert, with a masonry granite floor laid in American hydraulic cement 14 inches thick. This drains drops significantly in elevation along its course to outfall and accomplishes this via multiple vertical drop shafts or vertical drop wells (4 total).

Adventure/ Urban Exploration Video shot soley on a GoPro Hero+ and Canon T3i in this exact drain found below.

Vertical Drop Shafts featuring shafts constructed out of granite masonry that was laid 4ft x4 ft deep square outer diameter (OD), with final sizing 4ft x 4ft internal diameter (ID). The original iron cradles sit at the bottom of these shafts to smoothly drop the water from elevation to the floor. These iron cradles have proven to a very robust and enduring construction method. 1 signifigant junction chamber. Extensive small laterals. 1.5 percent grade.

It should be noted that this particular drain had an incident of surging during its first documentation. The reason to this day is unknown. No precipitation was recorded that day in the area served by this storm sewer let alone watershed.

north avenue at drop well