Found the Light, at the End of the Tunnel

In Adventure, Life by Ronnie K

There is a certain psychology or piece of the human experience that correlates with the idea of pushing forward to “the Light at the end of the tunnel“. Let me explain, this is the proverbial idiomatic light, where in your working towards a goal, and the goal is near. Or the actual rays of sunlight, seen during the evacuation stage of tunnel exploration.

The associated psychologies, simply stated mentalitilies, are quite similar in the fact that your “grinding through grit” throughout the journey in this “tunnel“. Grit being defined by the everyday mundane, boring, sometimes challenging aspects that must be overcome. As you traverse treacherous conditions, with elevated risks, sometimes painful stiumuli, at times, persistent loomy underlying fear is picked up by your senses. All that must be processed, evaluated & harnessed at limbic bay, utilized as a positive stressor. And then the tunnel takes a bend, & there may be a sudden change of conditions. You begin to breath fresh venturi driven oxygen, that is evident by your mind clearing and a cold face that is dripping with sweat. Subtle indicators, that the end is near. However your perception of time altered & decelerated. The sensation of discomfort is present & accentuated by fatigue. As the exit nears, graffiti murals start to appear on the walls. Some might read, “keep going”, while others may spell out in blockbuster roller style letters, initials of “FUD” / Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Weak hands usually stop here.

A pinpoint beam of light, from the outside world meets your eyes. Torches remain lit, however the end is in sight. Your pace changes, from slow and steady to an increase rate. Still ensuring a steady foot along the way as treacherous conditions still exist. As your near your perception of time normalizes if not accelerates. And then you make it.

Your chest expands as you breath in the dense oxygen saturated air. Your head held high, your face now is basking in the sun light, as you found the end of the tunnel at last. You may or may not be able to perch on a rock somewhere, a safe spot to briefly decompress, check gear, and regroup. Regardless, only the strongest and wisest will be cognizant of the tremendous momentum that sits behind you and that your tolerance of discomfort has been raised furthermore. You realize that there are other tunnels or better known as trials, tribulations, end goals that will need to be had. Whether you harness this momentum to explore and conquer further unexplored tunnels is up to you.

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