The Mouth : Entrance Stage

“The Jones Falls below North Avenue enters closed conveyance and flows to Harbor. During periods of extreme flooding, ponding occurs at the upper end of the conduits and water flows overland down city streets to the harbor across the proposed rail alignment. ” Baltimore Jones falls tunnel

Imagine what this place must look like with 10-15,000 cubic/ft/sec loaded up in it. This is the last place a man would want to be.

jones falls conduit
mouth of jonesy

The Mouth of Jonesy: Entrance
Jonesy’s Nares: Tunnel Section I
Triple Barrel Hall: Junction Chamber I
Penn Station’s Chasm Hall: Tunnel Section II
Goliath Chamber: Junction Chamber II
Hendrick’s Folly : Tunnel III
Flume Chamber: Jonesy’s Last & Final Run

Do not try to access these Conduits/ tunnels / storm sewer! It’s dangerous. Getting caught within, or even trying to get in, probably could be considered a serious offense. Especially after the events of 9/11. These pages provides a complete virtual tour of the system that you can enjoy without risking your life or a criminal record. An explorer already risked their life, so that you can explore virtually from home… so stay safe, and stay away!