Flume Chamber: Jonesy’s Last and Final Run

2500 meters deep within this system you may as well be on the moon because your cut off from the outside world in here, far from the entrance. In here lies a large magnificent brick laden chamber. In here lies a timeless jewel , buried in dark layers of concrete and soil. Another example and preservation of the 1900’s sewerworks It is here that the conduits split back into 3, the eastern conduit is smaller and turns out to be a high velocity flume (designed for the rivers daily flow), the 2 other conduits actually sit up on an incline and the brick that creates this resembles a large uphill stage, as it has large amount of surface area. Other features to mention is a bent ladder that serves well as place to hook gear or a means to escape a deluge. Just as you enter the flume chamber the explorer noticed side outfalls that have massive iron valve flaps that have broken from its mounts (much resembling the iron valve flaps seen in Jenkins)

When you have made is this far, your deep. Very deep. The explorer never is in a state of comfort, the thought of the treachous journey back to the entrance is always looming and when your in this deep, you are literally cut off from the outside world. You have no idea whats going on out there.

Partial view of the Final Chamber looking south. The daily flow of the river is diverted into a flume (on the left hand side) at velocity. The other 3 flood stage conduits, sit considerably higher.
final-flume-panoramaView looking north, some 2500 meters from the entrance.

The Mouth of Jonesy: Entrance
Jonesy’s Nares: Tunnel Section I
Triple Barrel Hall: Junction Chamber I
Penn Station’s Chasm Hall: Tunnel Section II
Goliath Chamber: Junction Chamber II
Hendrick’s Folly : Tunnel III
Flume Chamber: Jonesy’s Last & Final Run

Do not try to access the Jones Falls Conduit! It’s dangerous. Getting caught within, or even trying to get in, probably could be considered a serious offense. Especially after the events of 9/11. These pages provides a complete virtual tour of the system that you can enjoy without risking your life or a criminal record. We’ve already risked our life, so that you can explore virtually from home… so stay safe, and stay away!