Flume Chamber: Jonesy’s Last and Final Run

Partial view of the Final Chamber looking south. The daily flow of the river is diverted into a flume (on the left hand side) at velocity. The other 3 flood stage conduits, sit considerably higher.

View looking north, some 2500 meters from the entrance.

Approximately 2500 meters deep within the system, lies a timeless jewel , buried in dark layers of concrete and soil. A magnificent and sizable chamber. Features of this chamber consist of a high velocity flume

The Mouth of Jonesy: Entrance
Jonesy’s Nares: Tunnel Section I
Triple Barrel Hall: Junction Chamber I
Penn Station’s Chasm Hall: Tunnel Section II
Goliath Chamber: Junction Chamber II
Hendrick’s Folly : Tunnel III
Flume Chamber: Jonesy’s Last & Final Run

Do not try to access the Jones Falls Conduit! It’s dangerous. Getting caught within, or even trying to get in, probably could be considered a serious offense. Especially after the events of 9/11. These pages provides a complete virtual tour of the system that you can enjoy without risking your life or a criminal record. We’ve already risked our life, so that you can explore virtually from home… so stay safe, and stay away!