Goliath Chamber : Junction Chamber II

Jones Falls Conduit - Goliath Chamber

Approximately 750-800 meters, deep inside this sewer, lies the century old chamber. Known as the Goliath Chamber, it is the Junction Chamber that converges the 2 conduits into 1. The ceiling of the sewer increases in height furthermore. Its the largest chamber in the entire subterranean system. It is simply massive. If the explorer plans on shooting any sort of video footage, then an extensive and proper lighting setup would be needed. Its that big. A century old jewel, buried deep under the city, with its citizens completely unaware of its existence beneath their feet.

Jones Falls Conduit Goliath Chamber North

Looking north from inside the Goliath Chamber, towards the end of Penn Station’s Chasm Halls

The Mouth of Jonesy: Entrance
Jonesy’s Nares: Tunnel Section I
Triple Barrel Hall: Junction Chamber I
Penn Station’s Chasm Hall: Tunnel Section II
Goliath Chamber: Junction Chamber II
Hendrick’s Folly : Tunnel III
Flume Chamber: Jonesy’s Last & Final Run

Do not try to access the Jones Falls Conduit! It’s dangerous. Getting caught within, or even trying to get in, probably could be considered a serious offense. Especially after the events of 9/11. These pages provides a complete virtual tour of the system that you can enjoy without risking your life or a criminal record. An explorer already risked thier life, so that you can explore virtually from home… so stay safe, and stay away!