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“I have come to bury the Jones Falls river, not to praise it.” – Calvin W. Hendrick, Chief Engineer of the JF Conduit Tunnel & Baltimore Sewerage Commision 1911

Jones Falls Conduit aka JF Conduit
What better way is there to forget about something, other than to bury it. Back in those days, early nineteen hundreds or so. If you wanted to forget about something, hide it…you ended up burying it. Straight up….

Well they ended up burying a river, an ancient river that ran straight down the center of a village it gave birth too. The river that gave birth to the village, now turned city lies buried in the belly of it.

Totally forgotten…a river draining 50+ square miles of land, now made to be impervious, was forgotten below the feet of these men who buried it and whom now walk upon it.

You see what they did was, they reegineered or channeled the river though through a series of massive underground conduits. An ingenious engineering marvel, providing an intricate solution for the problem at hand

Well let me tell you, when that bad boy starts working, accentuated by heavy rains, it can easily be cracking water discharge volumes of 20,000-24,000 cubic ft a second, at the infall mouth. Gravity dumping that water straight into the bowels of the city.

They did their best to tame that river, enclosing it in a subterranean network of storm sewers. A subterranean world that see’s no light, separated from our sun, in some places by 15 meters. All that water, flowing down that river, is first loaded into 3 box barrel like, concrete poured culverts. Shortly after, the river is commanded by a massive junction chamber. Engineered to compress itself, into a set of massive hallways that seem to go on forever. Along the way, High above these waters, not far from the ceiling, huge drains with fancy valves buried inside abruptly jut out from the walls . Sending streams, buried long before, of similar fate to the floor far below. At this point, the only on lookers is old graffiti murals, decades old. Only illuminated momentarily by those explorers or joy riding souls that are brave enough to traverse this far.

Its almost like that river accepts its fate, it’s like it calms itself by the command of yet another enormous junction chamber. The chamber instructs the river to follow another artificial course. An older course, altered long ago, into a single century old tunnel, that is brick laden on top of granite block poured with Portland Concrete. A storm sewer bored into the rock, that sometimes has little air for a man to sustain his own life, let alone the river. A river this deep in the earth goes unseen and unheard. It releases no scream if a man is inside. By now, the rivers only companion is the drainage of other large buried streams, that hold the same fate.

Many of the environments & areas presented on this website are hazardous, and were only entered on the basis of extensive training, experience and planning. Do not try to access these sites / tunnels / storm sewers , they should not be trifled with.   The intent of these pages are to provide historical documentation.  An explorer already risked their life, so that you can explore virtually from home… so stay safe, and stay away! Consider this neither a disclaimer, nor a recommendation.