How to Remove Tail Light 2005 Honda Odyssey

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How to change the brake lights on a Third Generation (2005-2010) Honda Odyssey.

When one of the brake lights on our family minivan went out. I was happyhonda odyssey road trip that Honda design engineered this maintenance to be a 5 minute job. No removal of  interior lining or hard-to-get-to 10mm fasteners. However I did manage to crack the body of the tail light assembly due to a stubborn plastic pin that is responsible for holding it in place.

I never got around to announcing / writing an article about my recent purchase of a DSLR camera. With the acquisition of this beautiful piece of hardware that is HD video capable, youtube video opportunities are endless. Below is the video itself. Feel free to support me by liking the video and/or subscribing as more videos like this are too come.

Below I will list a few step by step instructions. All that are covered in the video.

  • Remove the two bolt covers on the rear pillar by prying on the bottom edge with a flat-tip screwdriver.
  • Remove the bolts with a Phillips-head screwdriver, and remove the light assembly from the rear pillar.
  • To remove the light assembly you should grasp with two fingers, the cavities where the screw sat while placing one hand on the side of the light fixture.
  • As stated in the video, I found the light will need a bit more force in its removal. So I took a thick screw driver, wrapped it in clothes to protect the paint and slightly leveraged it in the corner while pulling with my two fingers. It will literally pop out.
  • Do take care in gradual increases of force as the plastic molding is prone to cracking.

honda odyssey taillight assembly

The new bulbs I ended up using –
If you end up breaking the taillight –

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