July 12 2013 1445hr EMA-Crossove

Example Bitcoin (EMA) Exponential Moving Average Crossover

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LAST UPDATED July 12, 2013 – 2345hr 

With only knowledge that such a study existed only months before, It was not until I started to research Forex trading practices & the market indicators that a trader will look for. I was interested specifically in Bitcoin Trade Market Signals. In all honesty, trading Litecoin on btc-e was the early beginnings of the trading dabblings. Pushing low volume but managing to incrementally grow my LTC holding by buying low & selling high. (Love the volatility of these crypto-currency markets.) I did so without any knowledge of what was an “Exponential Moving Average” but more by a general feel & of past market performance. Its funny to remember back at BTC-E’s trade graphs “back in the day”. Before they even implemented candle styled graphs.

My research in the matter became heavy when the realization of the need for an automated Bitcoin trading platform would be needed to maximize profit, when trading BTC on a daily basis. More to be discussed in the matter, possibly by updating this post or in a future article.

After subscribing to RTBTC.com (One of the best subscriptions of its kind that I purchased & first service purchased in BTC) I was able to analyze market conditions more thoroughly & clearly then what I could with bitcoin.clarkmoody.com or bitcoincharts.com . Enough chatter, look at the photo in which I believe is a good example of a Exponential Moving Average Crossover tuned at 10 & 21, indicating a signal to exit. Where you enter again is your gamble.

July 12 2013 1445hr EMA-Crossover

July 12 2013 1445hr EMA-Crossover



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