Culture & Diversity: Transcultural Communication Nursing Short Film

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I put this video together for a project I had at school. We shot the video a day before I was required to trim my beard down. So I came up with the idea to pose as a foreign born Surgeon that had poor hand hygiene, a strong pseudo Arabic accent & hurried his non English speaking into signing surgical informed consents. Originally the video was based off of a true story, which made me worry. Actually, mid production I found that out. To hold my audiences attention, we did alot of silly things. If the wrong person saw it, they could assume I was defaming the doctor I was portraying. You never know. Besides, mid production I realized it was easier to divert the script into our own script and ended up trying to shape the entire film into the possibility of 2 english as a second language speakers doing business in a healthcare setting and the potential for misunderstanding. See for your self. Direct link:

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