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Creation of Existence

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Document Originally submitted to the Greek Bible School on December 12, 2007:


As I began to write this paper, boredom and discontent of a classic description of creation and some classic theories that man has interpreted between the lines of ancient texts. I began to search a little deeper and felt that below the surface there is issues humans are searching for. The main source being New International version of the bible and God being the beginning point of the equation, everything must be considered. I felt that it was more than necessary to touch on a collaboration of other philosophical ideas of existence before discussing the sole topic of Theistic creationism. When any man seeks knowledge he needs to consider the full spectrum of “Life”. Moving on while clearing some things up and to save space and trees by not reiterating myself, I write this paper with the automatic assumption that there is an intelligent designer. There is God who created this reality. He is outside of time and space. He put this idea of time and space in our finite minds. As our creator he has limited our knowledge and our ability to grasp knowledge. Agnosticism is not the key for the equation nor is a mathematical prime definitive  How can it be philosophy if one would not consider all the logic that God has given us or made us aware of such as the mathematics , physics and chemistry. Inevitably one will realize that our finite thinking and the limitations affect of it. We must not forget that God commands us to believe in him “With a child like faith”. Also the reader will be spared continuities of the trendy dissection of Greek words , but will mention some that are apparently important to elaborate a text. One should not think of philosophy as meaningless if they do in fact bring your understanding of your relationship closer to God. What other point of existence could there be? A relationship with the one who created us brings fulfillment and a better awareness for his purpose for ourselves. Purpose which plugs into a bigger plan that we cannot understand.

Creation of Existence:

The existence of reality that we can perceive now is first filtered and perceived by a number of physical systems. Systems constructed from physical matter, in which shares a beginning point in space and time. So how could one comprehend this so much as to express this consciousness or understanding of a beginning? For it is your conscientiousness that is hosted on a physical platform which also has a beginning point on space and time. So enough philosophical talk as we must find an answer. We must focus our attention to an outside source for input. This leaves a void only to be filled by the creator itself. It is then we might vaguely grasp the expressions produced when science and theology are merged together. Though one must not forget that these parameters are still bound by our finite interpretation of the matter itself. For it is God that gives us consciousness and awareness of this consciousness.

So many questions arrive when we look into issues such as creation, existence, time and space. Humans continue to thrive off of an energy to search deeper into these questions of our “outside” world. In example: What created us, why are we created and how were we created are just a few basic elementary questions to be named. We use humanistic methods to look deeper, such as the scientific method and mathematical equations. Categorizing laws and principles that we’ve noticed in the mean time and the full sum of the end result is translated into a language , which too is limited.. This seems like a lot of work in the end, when these attempts of understanding go unfulfilled. Since the time men could express their thought by combining syllables on a surface so others to read it. We see that their eyes were fixed upon the vast heavens. The human eyes peering outward into the universe must have made an impression of the ancient speakers of Greek.  For their description of a human is “ Άνθρωπος “ . When broken down we see that it translates as “ One that looks up “. One must mention the Greek language from time to time because it is one of mother language of the vast tree English originates. An analysis of the root of a language can better interpret what the speakers of ancient times were trying to say. During the times when sin was not so prevalent and the earth was not so infected man had a deeper connection with his creator. Though is just personal opinion we can see examples such as God speaking directing in audible language to the handful of humans on the earth. The abstinence of widespread sin left less distraction in these early thinkers as they pondered their creation that may have been a mere 1000 years before. On a side note anyone who has studied theology will argue that 1000 years is nothing in the spectrum of God, but in the end 1000 years doesn’t matter. For God is outside of time.

The Act of Creation:

So let’s focus on some “solid” issue or themes in this writing. Let’s focus on the act of Creation.  Creation, one of the most significant events found in history yet only about 30 some verses describe it. Analyzing these verses have led to some controversy and argument. For sure this was inevitable, for me again are merging science and theology together. Throw some philosophy into the mix and you have yourself a life study. A thought that probably will sit in the back our your mind either consciously or subliminally. But lets be honest with ourselves the study of creation or creationism is more then just the study of how and when God did this. It is a study and reflection on a simply complicated word called “Existence “. Let’s look at some fancy philosophies such as the cosmological argument. This argument has number of catchy statements to entertain us more in the topic. The cosmological argument states basically “Whatever begins to exist has a cause, the universe began to exist Therefore, the universe had a cause.” So obviously the “mechanical/mystical how aspect” is now briefly set aside because of the lack of our ability to grasp it . We begin to look at another question of “Why this universe began to exist”. It began to exist because it has a cause to exist. Too soon we will venture and say it has a purpose, this is the sole reason its began to exist. We are breaking this down very simply here. It doesn’t matter if you believe in “The Big Bang Theory, Creation Theory, and Day-Age theory” they are all the same in a sense. They all begin to exist somewhere on the plane of space and time. It does matter though, if you choose to believe there was no beginning. For if there was no beginning there is no cause. Without cause how one could be caused to exist right now in this moment. But this is beside the point. The point is the agreement of a beginning existence of a single atom, even deeper the existence of space to contain that atom. One could venture to say that there is no such thing as an Atheist. By an Atheist agreeing there is a beginning is agreeing there is a cause and by agreeing there is a cause agrees there is something supernatural causing this cause. Again, to refresh our minds of the fact that these are all concepts contained in the parameters of our 5 senses, severely limited.

The Genesis:

So the cosmogony of the universe put into a simple story can be found in the Hebrew Bible in the book of Genesis. It sounds simple enough. Whether you believe it is an allegory or a literal interpretation it is what God had impressed upon its writer or writers. Genesis mentions dual accounts of creation and both from different perspectives. One of the perspectives exists in a series of events that seem like a logical grid for a biological system to thrive. The one system relying on the other, again and again as we see today. And finally humans being the last to be created taking full advantage and benefits from these systems. First Day light ,Second Day Sky/Water ,Third Day Land/Vegetation Fourth day Luminaries , Fifth day Birds/Fish and the Six day animals/man. All these system and events taking place in 6 days with the 7 day being the day of “rest” for our creator. One might ask “why would the creator needs a period of rest?” It clearly says in Isaiah 40:28 that God does not become weary. Possibly our creator was showing us an example of the importance of rest. The second account has its differences that man is created first and then a number other additions are added to his ecosystem. The explanation of the different account can be interpretations of different writers that are said to have taken part in composing this book of genesis, completely another issue. Another modern theory that can explain these contradictions is called the framework interpretation. Framework interpretation states that the Genesis account does not intend to stress so much on the chronological order of events as we think. It was simply listed topically. For example the days 1-3 stand out because they were the days that the “realms” of creation were created. The “rulers of the realms” were created on the last 3 days

As scholars stared at these ancient texts and ask more questions, additional theories were proposed. Such as Old Earth Creationism which umbrellas theories such as the Day-age theory, the Gap Theory, Progressive Creationism. There is also “Young Earth Creationism” which holds the Genesis story into a more literal account. A student has to sift through a massive amount of information to make sense of all of this and consider the truth each theory can hold. For example the Gap Theorist agree on the old age of our earth and its ecosystems. On the other end of the perspective the Young earth creationist believe the age earth its ecosystems are much younger and sins cursed has a greater affect of expressing age then we imagined.
Topically we look that Gap theorists speculate on the apparent gap of time between Genesis chapter 1 verse one and two. The time span , possibly one million years or more years in length. This births many thoughts of ideals of what went on during these two spans of time. The fall of Lucifer and his angels, an event described in Ezekiel 28:11-19 and a number of other analogical passages could be placed inside this span of time. Progressive creationist or theistic evolution would agree with Gap theory this could have been a gap of time when initial organic evolution took place. Automatically it is seen as the earth being significantly older then we realize.
Not getting to far away from the other side of logic, creationist physicists such as Gerald Schroeder and Phillip E. Johnson have reasoned from a point of view that time operated at a different pace during the time of creation and that 6 days was more like a billion plus. Let’s say that God created the cosmos from one point in space and gave it a cosmological finite energy to travel out from its point. The measurement of an hour from our point of space travels “faster” then an hour during initial creation. This is stated by Newton and in Einstein’s theory of relativity.
The Omphalos hypothesis proposed by Young earth creationist Philip Henry Gosse that God placed the different entities at different points in time. Light photons are depicted to have traveled longer then in reality, a quantum fusion and the energy exhausted are said to have a fixed beginning point but on a different timeline , simply put. The cellular rings in a tree, were created with the evidence of age , volcanoes pre-erupted and geological faults lines already created faulty.
Nevertheless, from our point in time and space light photons still travel million of miles to reach our eye. They still strike chloroplasts in chlorophyll to complete an equation expressed in chemistry to produce energy. One reaction represents a point which is complied and its arrangement is expressed with mathematics. God still has a purpose and scenario for the human race he placed here. These entire variables move in a synchronous & unexplained fashion . We are conscience of God for it is God that gives us consciousness and awareness of him in this existence for him.


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