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CB Radio Chat: An Android Voice App With a Twist

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cb radio chat logoI know that in American Culture & others, CB Radio will always have that nostalgic and special place. Actually CB Radio is still alive and well. Although I hear its not like it was back in the 1980’s. After gaining a bit of an obsession with WiFi, I will admit the geek in me installed a unit in my car. The CB led me into getting my General Class Amatuer Radio License and the story goes on.  With the internet plugged into many of our mobile phones, one may wonder why would anyone use a transceiver that can only reliability communicate over 5-7 miles at a given time? Well this would lead me into another discussion.

I write this post for an application that is titled CB Radio Chat. Imagine that it is a worldwide CB Radio that does not rely off of atmospheric conditions for propagation to communicate long distances but the internet. Now lets not confuse that this is in now way a CB Radio but only a multi-way worldwide voice messaging application with a twist. It does hold a bit of the anonymous open forum style that you would find on CB Radio. With that said, the app culture is at times NSFW BUT the developers have implemented a block function and a report function for those that are breaking the terms and conditions of use.  It was a hit for me and as I work in the industry of Web Design it was only natural for me to create a CB Radio Chat community Web Page for the app named after my handle Mobile 3.14.


The developers, known as PLUGMIND have really done a good job developing this app and updates are available regularly.

How Does It Work?

Basically upon opening the app, you are met with the screen that you see pictures in the photo that I attached. You set any username or “handle” that you wish. The application put you directly on the English Channel 1. Although, the app provides a long channel list for many different language and each language channel has 27 channels with an additional 13 channels for paid users.

CB Radio Chat Main Screen


When you see a pretty blue button on your screen that is your chance to “Key” in and add to the conversation. Now this app is different than other voice messaging apps. When you press this blue button, you are given an allotted time to talk adn your voice message is put into queue with other users that are talking at the same time. Its kinda neat because it prevents users from talking over top of each other. Your voice message is then sent over the internet to the server, put in queue and then sent back out to everyone else on the channel.

This app has really grown astronomically over the past year and a half that it has been on the Google Application market so sometimes you may have difficultly getting this blue button for a chance to talk. Well that’s ok because the application has a “skip” function or even the “block” function that I had mentioned. So you can block a user temporarily that may not be having the same conversation with the people you are talking to. A more detailed description in how to use the app and the theory on how I believe CB Radio Chat works can also be found on the community site I built.


Like I said, the app is not a CB Radio and I think that the developers were wise to title this app accordingly as it has really made a hit in the U.S Market. This app is a great way to pass the time while driving and let me warn you, this app can bring some bizarre individuals as much as it can really bring some good and meaningful conversation. With an average of 150 users online at a time there is a conversation out there for anyone. So check it out and let me know your thoughts. If its a hit for you be sure to check out the CB Radio Chat User List section on the community webpage I built and add your username!




  1. I’m hoping to find out if I can use this app and how. I work in a steel mill and we communicate using those motorola radios like cop cars have. We have our own channel just for the blast furnace, can I tap into that channel?

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    I apologize for taking so long to respond. If you guys wanted to use a communication app for the work environment, then I would suggest Zello [http://zello.com/]. This app is better suited for leisure talking in my opinion.

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