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What Bitcoin Was Like Back In 2011

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Discovering Cryptography I discovered Bitcoin back in 2011. It was selling for $7. Yes the going price was $7.00 and I have long since entered the “acceptance” stage of this grief of the pure fact that I should of bought more of this cryptocurrency. Like many people, the knowledge of Bitcoin came from learning about   

Bitcoin Defies the Sub $70 Speculations

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Just 2 days before Mt. Goxes temporary USD withdrawal announcement, Bitcoin experienced some heavy buy volume.  Today, on July 10 @ 1521hr, we saw a volume of 7000 BTC’s which  was enough to take the price from the high $78’s to the mid $81’s.  The bull market continued and at the time of writing the   

Why I Choose CampBX Over Mt Gox, BTC-E & Coinbase

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Weeks prior to the significant event known as by some “The Crash of April 12th 2013“. I began to come to grips that an exit strategy would need to be put into place & ready to lock, load and dump. I needed an exchange, there was already a number already on the market both with