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How to Remove Tail Light 2005 Honda Odyssey

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How to change the brake lights on a Third Generation (2005-2010) Honda Odyssey. When one of the brake lights on our family minivan went out. I was happy that Honda design engineered this maintenance to be a 5 minute job. No removal of  interior lining or hard-to-get-to 10mm fasteners. However I did manage to crack   

Commutes Via Turbocharged Direct Injection

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After running a broad range of Diesel Engines over the years in a work environment, I was ecstatic to come across a reasonably priced Diesel 2000 Volkswagon Jetta TDI MK4. Owning a Diesel power car naturally lead me to do some research on the inner workings of my new commuter. With rising fuel costs and the   

Home Brew Custom LED Enclosure

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LED’s are a great way to learn about circuits and how to build a circuit. They are a load of fun to tinker around with and have unlimited application potentials. In other words, nothing wrong with a little bit a light to see things better and with LED’s. Well, they are small light weight and consume minimum