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Princess Drain

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The Princess Drain featuring a brick laden flume chamber. So low key and easy to access, with curbside parking and a 3 meter hike. Even a princess wearing high heels, while taking a selfie could access. Hence the name Princess Drain. It even has slots built into the walls, to place your lamps for exposure   

Found the Light, at the End of the Tunnel

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There is a certain psychology or piece of the human experience that correlates with the idea of pushing forward to “the Light at the end of the tunnel“. Let me explain, this is the proverbial idiomatic light, where in your working towards a goal, and the goal is near. Or the actual rays of sunlight,   

Gunpowder’s NightCrawler: Interstate 83 Wreckage

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On July 9, 2015, the corridor carrying traffic from Baltimore to the Maryland/PA line, North Bound Interstate 83 was shut down, for quite some time. In the past few years, the volume of traffic has increased exponentially which has led to frequent vehicle crashes. Rule of thumb: Always check traffic conditions via Google Maps and/or Waze prior