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Commutes Via Turbocharged Direct Injection

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After running a broad range of Diesel Engines over the years in a work environment, I was ecstatic to come across a reasonably priced Diesel 2000 Volkswagon Jetta TDI MK4. Owning a Diesel power car naturally lead me to do some research on the inner workings of my new commuter. With rising fuel costs and the   

One Translation of Instagram’s New TOS

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  UPDATED: Instagram later updates their Terms & Conditions Here. Instagram has seen alot of changes over the past few months. Shortly after Instagram’s Viral December Photo Challenge was launched we saw Instagram nixing their relationship with Twitter. Following closely behind all of that we saw Instagram update their Terms of Service (TOS) with a brand   

Discovering Google’s Account Activity Beta

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How I discovered Google’s Account Activity beta and continued selling my soul to Google. I have always been a huge fan of Google’s service of personal data statistics. I think my turning point, in which I completely jumped on board with their personal data tracking, was with Google’s Latitude. I had just acquired my first Android